Sunday, October 2, 2011

Is Bitcoin a scam?

Let's start this strait, who thinks or say that Bitcoin is a scam doesn't really know what is Bitcoin, it's not a geeky toy and anyone can start generating Bitcoins by buying them, mining them "Hash generating", or earning them in websites that pay in Bitcoin, and anyone also can sell anything an receive Bitcoin in return, each and everyday new systems appear, online wallets, Bitcoin investment sites, mining pools, markets, referral programs, advertising and much more.
my self are selling coin on mtgox and tradehill for dollars, and sometimes I keep them until the market raise, and I buy them when they are low, and I make lots of profit.

Bitcoin is alive as long as the people want it to, and I see that we all want it to, who doesn't want Bitcoin is the government, and they cannot stop the people from using it.

Bitcoin is less secure then banking, you can easly lose your wallet to a virus, because your wallet is actually a file inside your system that can be easily copied, your online wallets also are risked to hacking.
but if you don't know how to deal and protect your self, then don't use Bitcoin, and in the same time don't say it's a scam.

Bitcoin is easy to deal with once you read enough, and I am sure that this page it self gave you a few information and facts.

My advice is to go into the Bitcoin business, but I give you golden rules, protect your wallet, don't invest your whole saving  into it, lets say just do it for the fun of it, if you are doing it for business, you need more then reading about Bitcoin, you need to read about security, because anti-virus is not everything, and also sandboxes are't everything, actually a Bitcoin stealer function normally inside a sandbox and can read and send your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is like the girl above, fake but beautiful and we love it!

Good luck mining or trading Bitcoins, you can find useful websites about making coins or trading them on this blog, enjoy your time.

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